Reiki Share with the Angels at Sanctuary Angel Gallery

Saturday 29th September 1pm- 5pm cost $20.00

All Reiki Channels Welcome! Includes tea, coffee and nibbles.

Glenyss has been a Reiki Master for 20 years and will hold a question and answer session at 1.00 psanctuary-healingroomm prior to the Reiki Share.
Please, come along and enjoy the warmth and connection of being in community with others of like mind.
A Reiki share consists of many healing hands on one person at a time. One person lays on a table while the participating practitioners gather around that person, laying their hands upon him and facilitating a massive flow of Reiki energies. Group energies are often very strong and can be more powerful than individual sessions.
One Reiki Master described it delightfully thus: “When you get Reiki from so many hands at once it’s like getting healing from the many-armed goddess. “
The energy produced during a Reiki share is amazing and the healing people experience can be profound.
Sanctuary Angel Gallery is the perfect environment to participate in Reiki. You will be surrounded by the high vibration of inspirational Angel Artwork by Glenyss, in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.



Reiki Share 30th March 2019


Spring Clearing Sale at Sanctuary on Saturday 1st September from 1-5pm 10% off everything!
I will be playing ambient music supplied by my new Music of the Plants Device!! It feels so healing and sounds wonderful.

I have had some mugs and coasters made from my Angel Paintings and they are beautiful! I have a limited quantity available at Sanctuary Angel Gallery right now.
Free Angelic coffee and tea served all afternoon!
I will also have a few signed copies of my new books available.

Spring Clearing Sale 18 copy.jpg

Healing Angelic Rainbow Appears

Archangel Raphael painting with rainbow DSC01014-001

Last Sunday at Sanctuary Angel Gallery and Healing Centre this rainbow appeared as we were sitting on the couch relaxing. I have never before seen such incredible colours. The rainbow slowly moved up the body of Archangel Raphael, and then up the wall toward the painting of Archangel Gabriel. I could feel the healing energy of the Angels sending us a message that they are always with us, ready to help and guide us through our difficulties.  We all felt very blessed to have witnessed this!

Healing Angel Art at Sanctuary Angel Gallery

This is my new relaxing and uplifting video of  Sanctuary Angel Gallery with meditative commentary. This new video captures the deep peace, tranquility and healing vibration of an actual visit to Sanctuary Angel Gallery. I hope you enjoy it! It is the next best thing to an actual visit!   The Angel paintings in the video are available online at my website gallery.

Angel Art by Glenyss Bourne

img_1019Do You believe in Angels?
Come and feel their presence.
Surround your self with beauty.
Where Angels dwell.

Sanctuary Angel Art Gallery offers affordable, uplifting, inspirational Angel Artwork and gifts in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.
Sanctuary is not just a gallery, it’s an experience not to be missed!

Sanctuary Angel Art Gallery is a Place of Deep Peace and Healing, and is the Home of the Inspirational Angel Paintings of  Glenyss Bourne.

Sanctuary Angel Gallery is situated at 2 Spring St Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Sanctuary Angel Gallery is open most days by appointment only. Please let us know when you wish to visit. Phone or preferably text  Glenyss on 0438 786 484 or email to arrange a time. Groups are  welcome.

Check our EVENTS page to see what is happening soon.

If you cannot visit in person, take a virtual Tour of Sanctuary Angel Gallery or visit my Online Galleries.


Sanctuary Angel Gallery has several rooms where you may sit quietly and enjoy the high vibrational healing energies. This it our special meditation and manifestation room where many have received Angelic guidance.


This is our wonderful healing room. If you would like to book in for a Reiki healing please phone Claire 0411 562 548 or email for an appointment.

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We hold occasional Meditation and Healing workshops here. Check our events page or follow us on Facebook to see what is coming up.


Glenyss’s Angelic artwork is collected by healers and spiritual seekers around the world and is known for it’s transformational qualities


Sanctuary Angel Gallery is situated at 2 Spring St Frankston, Victoria, Australia. We are located just minutes away from Frankston Train Station. It is just a short walk across Beauty Park.

Sanctuary Angel Gallery is open most days by appointment only. Please let us know when you wish to visit. Phone or text Glenyss on 0438 786 484 or email to arrange a time.

Groups are very welcome, you may like to arrange a special visit by your meditation or healing group.

How Sanctuary Angel Gallery was Created

Angel paintings by Glenyss Bourne

Angel paintings at Sanctuary Angel Gallery

In 2008, I was guided by the Angels to set up a place of healing and a gallery for my Angelic paintings and to call it Sanctuary. They asked me to “put back the Light which has been ost.”

I was amazed as I had never considered doing such a thing. I filled the house with my Angel Paintings and Unconditional love; and worked in energy to lift the vibration.

Sanctuary is now a Sacred Space and a powerful place of Peace and Healing. Many people enter and immediately burst into tears. Sensitive people can feel the healing begin as they step inside. The Angel Paintings open channels to the Higher Realms, helping to bring Inner Peace and Healing and to activate the connection to the Higher Self and to the Angelic Realms. Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to visit.

Email for further details. Read what people have written about their experiences with  Healing Angel Paintings.

Take a relaxing tour of Sanctuary Angel Gallery here.

Angel Paintings to Uplift Energies

I was guided by the Angels to paint digitally using the light technology of the computer (because this most closely matches the quality of light in the Angelic Realms), there is only a digital original. This means that the Angel Artwork may be reproduced in different sizes on paper or on canvas. Each print is individually hand printed and blessed, signed and dated . The Angelic Artwork is reproduced with archival materials using the Giclee digital printing process and will last for many years. Each large painting comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity. Order paintings here. Glenyss Bourne, pictured with one of her Angel Paintings In late 2007, I was interviewed by Colleen Bate for issue 11 of the magazine Digital Reproduction. A PDF copy of the article can be seen here.

Sanctuary also offers:

  • Reiki Treatments
  • Angelic Healing
  • Anaheart Flower Essences
  • Anaheart Animal Essences
  • Angelic Guidance Cards
  • Crystals
  • Energy enhancing products

Angel Art as Therapy

Since the beginning of time art has been of spiritual significance and was often thought to have magical properties. Quantum physics explains that we are all pure energy vibrating at different rates, and many medical scientists have documented that both thoughts and feelings have an enormous effect on our overall well being. They now recognize that inspirational art and music have therapeutic effects.

Healing Angel Paintings by Glenyss Bourne

Paintings may be purchased from the following online sources:

Come and experience the angels for yourself and soak up the extraordinary healing energies at Sanctuary Angel Gallery and Healing Centre. Healing is also available by appointment.

Sanctuary Angel Gallery is situated at 2 Spring St Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Sanctuary Angel Gallery is open most days by appointment only. Please let us know when you wish to visit. Phone or preferably text  Glenyss on 0438 786 484 or email to arrange a time. Groups are  welcome.

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