Healing Art Gallery

Healing Artwork

These energy paintings have a similar Angelic energy to the paintings of Angels and Archangels and broadcast high frequency energies. They have been energy enhanced with Angelic energies and Reiki. We conducted biofeedback testing to quantify the effect of my Angel Images and also the Healing Art Images. We tested the overall effect on the Human Energy Field and the positive effects were amazing for both types of artwork.

.Click individual images for more information.

Almond Blossoms painting
Almond Blossoms

Angel's Eye View painting
Angel’s Eye View

Banksia Rose Abstract painting
Banksia Rose Abstract

Celebration of Life! painting
Celebration of Life!

Deep Waters painting
Deep Waters

Innocence  painting

Perfume Delight painting
Perfume Delight

Rose Deva painting
Rose Deva

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