Ascended Masters Gallery

The Ascended Masters are Individuals who were once embodied on Earth. They transcended human limitations and Ascended into Divine Freedom and now work in the higher vibrations to assist other beings in their earthly lifetimes to achieve their Life purpose and to advance toward Enlightenment.

Ascended Masters Gallery

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Goddess Diana painting
Goddess Diana

Isis painting

Kwan Yin painting
Kwan Yin

Lady Amethyst painting
Lady Amethyst

Lady Claudine painting
Lady Claudine

Lady Magda - The Ascended Mary Magdalene painting
Lady Magda – The Ascended Mary Magdalene

Lady Miriam painting
Lady Miriam

Lady Nada painting
Lady Nada

Lady Portia painting
Lady Portia

Lady Rowena painting
Lady Rowena

Lady Venus painting
Lady Venus

Lady Vesta painting
Lady Vesta

Mary painting

Mary Magdalene<br />
Mary Magdalene
“Divine Grace”

Melchizedek - The Light Bearer  painting
Melchizedek – The Light Bearer

Mighty Helios painting
Mighty Helios

Pallas Athena painting
Pallas Athena

Paul the Venetian painting
Paul the Venetian

Saint Germaine - Peace painting
Saint Germaine – Peace

Sananda painting

St Germaine painting
St Germaine

White Buffalo Woman painting
White Buffalo Woman

Yeshua (Jesus) painting
Yeshua (Jesus)


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